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Our Environmental Commitment.

We are very pleased you are considering us for your accommodation while in Invercargill. The team at Surrey Court Motel recognises the importance of sustainability and protecting our environment. If you enjoy the natural beauty of our region as we do and wish to help us reduce our impact on it, you may like to consider these things:

Low energy bulbs have been installed in 70% of our premises. We always endeavor to turn off lights or equipment when we leave a room. You may wish to do the same. Our radiators are heated by off peak electricity and are on timers to maximise the heat at peak times.

We offer a towel and linen change agreement which ensures we are helping the environment by reducing energy and water use. We turn off taps when we are not directly using water.

We offer shampoo/body wash dispensers in the showers instead of single use disposable soaps and shampoos to reduce excessive packaging.

We have cut our waste in half by recycling. If you wish to help us reduce waste, there is a recycling bin in the cupboard under the kitchen sink for you to use or a larger bin beside the staff room next to unit 4.

We have a Bokashi Composting Bucket, if you would like to save your food scraps we can compost them for you.

We purchase most of our consumables from local sources which supports employment in our community and reduces the distance our goods must travel to reach us.

We minimise the use of cleaning products or use biodegradable cleaning products and micro fibre cloths whenever possible without compromising cleanliness & hygiene.

We donate supplementary products and furniture to local charities and schools. We try to support community projects and are liaising with Wastenet Southland who helps monitor our progress.

The Surrey Court team is sponsoring the Tuatara breeding programme. Our Sponsorship is going towards cabling and a webcam linkup so that people can access the Tuatarium via the internet to watch Henry and his girls. Your support and donations would be gratefully received.

Please ask if you would like to see a full list of other eco friendly incentives we have made. We welcome suggestions.

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